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Remote work is not a privilege. It’s the way that a lot of people work today. While remote jobs provides increased flexibility, remote workers are dealing with burnout too.

WHY?  Remote employees feel burnout because they feel like they have something to prove. They want to show their leaders that they can be trusted, so they feel the need to work harder, which creates more stress and fatigue.

Companies & Leaders must be mindful of how to frame remote work. Here are some tips to help remote workers avoid burnout:

  1. Develop boundaries. One boundary is to have a dedicated workspace that you can join and leave. Or, put your laptop in a drawer or closet when you are done with work. Start and end your workday with a ritual that signals to your brain it’s time to change from work to personal or vice versa.
  2. Turn off email and work notifications after work hours. Let people know your general schedule and when you are “off the clock” so they aren’t left wondering.
  3. Encourage more personal activities by scheduling them. Most people struggle with the “work” part of work-life balance. Schedule personal activities and have several go-to hobbies that you enjoy so you will have something specific to do with your personal time.
  4. Focus on work during your work time. If you are productive and efficient throughout the day, at the end of the day it will be easier to walk away feeling accomplished and not be tempted to work into the night to finish what should have been completed during the day.
  5. Leaders need to communicate with their remote employees Do not assume you know what they are going through. You need to ask them. Some people are better at hiding their burnout than others. If you communicate with your team, you’ll always know how they feel about the work they do. Make communication a priority, so your team feels comfortable talking to you about issues that are affecting them at and outside of work.

In our practice we are seeing more and more people experiencing a high level of stress and getting very closed to burnout. Whether you are a leader or an employee we hope you find these tips helpful!

  1. I found this very interesting because that’s exactly how I feel. The pandemic has all of us just exhausted and this is helpful.

  2. I have talked to many friends about this burnout and fatigue. Great tips for the employers. Hope they realize and put these advice in action.

  3. It is true. Some workers have more stress working from home, because they think is not the ideal space for that. The companies must have a efficient comunication with them and hear the issues that their employees have

  4. Para mi tener un remote job ha sido una bendición. Sin embargo, se que para muchos ha sido un gran stress y les hace “feel burnout”. Felicidades por este artículo maravilloso que ayudará a muchos.

  5. More companies need to take care of and help their employees cope with stress! The more well-being they feel, the greater the results.

  6. La verdad que un lider siempre tiene que ser una persona paciente y saber trabajar con las personas

  7. Love having a remote job . However, it can bring a burnout as well. Thanks for your recommendation

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  9. When you are in corporate America burnout and stress ,are normal and people hace to learn to set the boundaries at
    Work and at home. Thank you great insight

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